Matthew Aldridge is a lecturer at the University of Leeds in the School of Mathematics, in the Statistics department, and in the Statistical methodology and probability research group.

I study probability, information theory, combinatorics, statistics and related things. I’m particularly interested in group testing, a problem that models testing a large population for a blood disease that also has applications in communications, computer science, genetics and elsewhere. I’m also interested in ways of coping with interference in large multiuser communications networks.

You might like to look at some of my papers. Good places to find my work include on the arXiv and on Google Scholar. My ORCID is 0000-0002-9347-1586.

At Leeds, In Semester 2 of 2018-19 I am teaching MATH2750 Introduction to Markov Processes and MATH3015 History of Mathematics (with Dr Philip Walker and Dr Nicola Gambino).

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